At Bondar our vision is to make wines that are bright and pure, finely structured, mid-weight yet concentrated in flavour, with a savoury element.

For us our “place” dictates the style, with our hands-off winemaking approach allowing the grapes to be heard with minimal winemaking artefact.

We do a lot of work in the vineyard to help achieve the house style, and in the winemaking process we use minimal inputs, wild fermentation, techniques such as whole bunches, extended time on skins, and picking the fruit earlier, to achieve the balanced, bright wines for which we aim.

"Bondar makes a very modern set of wines that stress fragrance, poise, subtle complexity and mid-weight drinkability, but there’s a strong link to the past in the wines, too. While the reds are significantly fresher than styles of old, Bondar is not pushing hard in any particular direction, instead he cleverly builds structure, texture and detail – some whole berries, some whole bunches, some extended skin contact, and a mix of vessels, including ceramic eggs – producing wines that feel thoroughly familiar and strikingly new, too."

– Young Gun Of Wine, “Reinventing McLaren Vale” 2020.